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Course Only

Do you want to learn a new skill with no exam at the end?

Course plus Exam

Do you want to meet with a

tutor once a week and 

sit exams in our accredited centre at the end of the courses you study with us?

Exam Only

Do you want to study at home and sit exams with us as a Private Candidate WITHOUT worrying about being ejected at the last minute?

Courses For All Ages

We are a Registered Charity

Opening Pathways To Community Arts and Education 

Working In Partnership With Ashford Arts Centre

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About Us

KATFM Community Arts & Education brings together.

Kent Education Centre

  • A-Level Qualifications

  • GCSE Qualifications

  • AQA Accredited Exam Centre

Kent Education Centre was started by a single mum with a teenage son who wasn't thriving at school. She was teaching music at Ashford Arts Centre and tutored her son privately. One of the piano students asked to join her son for tutorials and KEC began.

Ashford Arts Centre

  • Community Events

  • Community & Collaborative Projects

  • Exhibits

  • Piano Courses

  • Performances

  • Training & work experience

  • Trinity College London



Our Vision

 To make access to accredited training and qualifications available to people that are not in school.

What Our Students Say



"I studied GCSE Maths and English at Kent Education Centre and passed both exams the first time"



I earned 5 GCSE qualifications with Kent Education Centre and now working on A-Level Film & Media courses with industry professionals



'I passed the Trinity College London Piano Exam with Merit, now I'm studying with the same tutor online every week!' 


Community Arts & Education

Bringing Together Kent Education Centre

& Ashford Arts Centre

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